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This Month July 2016 - Friday, 01 Jul 2016

Welly weather, not my favourite especially not at a time the vegetable garden needs warmth. I don’t like wearing wellies but at least dry feet is a bonus, I just hope I will not need to wear them in July. The rain also resulted in having to prune branches of a few trees and shrubs as some paths were becoming inaccessible. 

We have been very busy weeding in all areas, even in the rain which does make the job much harder and difficult to get on some beds.

I have also been doing some more planting out such as several lilac-coloured Primula candleabra between patches of Hostas, the mixed colours of Primula in the Fernery look great. Other planting includes Fatsia polycarpa which is a cut leaf form with plain green matt leaves. Ceanothus deliileanus Gloire de Versailles, a deciduous shrub with pale blue flowers, we already have a pink form. I have put a new Tropaeolum speciosum behind the newer seat in the hope it will scramble up the conifers behind and bring a bright spot of colour against them.

We also have Lonicera acuminata, which looks very different to other Lonicera however we can’t decide where to put it, it could go up a tree but the nature of it may be lost against the other foliage, we could build a new structure but I am not sure where.

The Geraniums in the meadow grass are looking good, they seed freely and one area has become all blue and white plants with the pink plants mostly seeded to other areas most notably under the damsons.

Leycesteria crocothyros is flowering well, so too is Buddleia colvilei and Styrax japonicus whilst the Orchids are clumping up nicely. There are a lot of comments about Cornus Norman Haddon as it is a mass of flowers and in a noticeable position.

I am embarrassed by a photo of me in a local paper however I am happy about the, almost 2 page, article which goes with it. We have had a small group of Norwegian ladies and expecting some German visitors as well as a group from Kew gardens.

I have been blaming some of the plant damage on rabbits however I caught some grey squirrels in the act of chewing off some Miscanthus. I did have great pleasure watching a young family of Wrens, the fledglings looked like small round balls with a beak as their tail feathers had not yet developed.

I am looking out the window at another heavy shower wondering if we will have some summer before winter sets in!

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