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This month November 2021 - Saturday, 27 Nov 2021

It has been a very busy time in the garden in which I have been doing a lot of planting out. The hillside near the bottom of the garden now has about 30 Rhododendrons spaced over it with a path going down through. I also planted a large-leaved Acer in among them for a little dappled shade and height.
I have planted the new area at the end of the fernery, this is with all quite rare plants, some for their leaf-shapes but will add more ground cover. I have been planting in several other places around the garden including quite a lot for dry shade ground cover, many of these are rarely seen in cultivation too.
I have cleared quite a large area in the warm front garden, this was done by removing just one spreading, but quite low, conifer which had started to lean and pull its own roots out of the ground
It is a warm sunny area so in the spring I will plant several less hardy plants which I have decided to overwinter in the greenhouse, if I had put them in now they would not have time to settle in before any bad weather is thrown at them.
The jobs now and through winter is mostly pruning, I am hoping there will not be too much needed however it is usually more than I first think it will be. I also have so ornate rusty metal to clean down to replace the wood and bamboo arch that is falling down and make a tripod-type structure for a clematis in the front garden as the shrub it has been rambling over is dead.
The autumn colours haven’t been so dramatic this year with leaves from different plants changing in dribs and drabs with some not changing colour at all before the fall, not a bit like the wow-factor of last year.
I doubt you would believe me if I said I hadn’t got any new plants over the last month so I had better come clean and admit to just a few more. One is Rhododendron sinogrande which has very big leaves, I have had a space reserved for it for a few years. Lomatia silaifolia which I have been looking for quite a while, it has fern-like leaves and was to go in a small new fern area, away from the fernery, unfortunately I don’t think I have enough space there now. I do have two other Lomatia which have survived well so far in different areas. I could not resist Cercis Carolina Sweetheart which is a pendulous Cercis with mottled red, white and green leaves, the problem was that I hadn’t a clue where to plant it. Being so striking and weeping I felt it needed to be a stand-alone specimen and the only place I could think of is the Parrotia persica bed where I was only going to have one specimen plant along with the many bulbs and other spring flowers. It is planted there now anyway and I think the bed still looks acceptable to my eye and even with those two plants a third of it is still empty of any trees or shrubs and I really must keep it that way.
There is really not much space for more plants as once the new ones are grown it will be crowded enough for my liking and many more would detract from what is there and just be a wall of greenery with hardly any form. The idea is also that I do not have to prune things much.

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