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This Month September 2016 - Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016

The rains in late August ensured the garden is still looking verdant. Some plants are flowering profusely such as the Hibiscus, Cyclamen, Persicaria and Anemone’s. The leaf colour is changing and the aroma of toffee from the Cercidiphyllum is starting to pervade the garden.

The list of jobs for September is almost endless, at least that is how it feels, unfortunately I am not in a position to achieve very much due to a broken wrist. This causes numerous problems and added expense as some of these jobs cannot be put off until my wrist has healed and I will have to get help. I am managing to do a few jobs and writing with my left hand has improved from that of a 5 year old to at least a 7 year old. I am hoping that I will be able to manage some cutting back even if I cannot do any strimming or hedge cutting. I am doing some weeding but it is slow and awkward but I am not good at doing nothing. I do have a few projects I hoped to achieve this winter but which of these we do will depend on how much work is completed over the next couple of months as of course a lot of the winter is taken up with pruning.

I am looking out on the herb garden and thinking how much attention that needs. Some of the herbs are looking tired although there are still a lot of bees in the Marjoram and the yellow-leaved Tansy is looking good, it seems to stay in flower and have tidy leaves much longer than the green-leaved Tansy.

We need to either fix our secateurs or buy new ones as both mine and mum’s have worn out from excessive use, mum’s is over 40 years old and possibly nearer 50, she says she does not want a new one as she will not get full use out of it.

The apricots were small and dry this year however the peaches are delicious and so are the figs. The vegetable crops are mixed with not very good potatoes but we have only been digging up the Charlotte which are usually reliable, I hope the other varieties are better. The sweet corn and tomatoes are good and we have been overwhelmed with courgettes/marrows.

We are starting to take bookings for group visits and talks for 2017 and I have decided on our NGS open days.

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