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This Month October 2016 - Saturday, 01 Oct 2016

Every little bit of work in September was hard won, it is so difficult doing even the simplest job with my right wrist in a cast. As they say “always look on the bright side” to which I am referring about the use I am getting out of all the good left hand gloves I had from previously wearing out just the right ones!

With help the strimming is almost finished whilst myself and mum have been weeding and tidying in all areas. The shrubberies have received more attention than they would usually get as it was one job I could manage, albeit slowly, I did find a few places where we can shoehorn in some more plants.

There are a lot of Verbena rosea Hastata self seeded in the vegetable garden and I hope to be able to move them and put in the Bamboo area as a contrast of colour with their pink spikes of flowers against the yellow and green bamboos. I do have a list of other plants I wanted to split but cannot remember where I put the list.

There are a lot of jobs which need doing so I hope I can build the strength in my wrist rapidly. I would not open the garden if I could not keep the garden to its present high standard so I must make sure I eat plenty of spinach! Mum is on holiday as I write this and I hope she comes back invigorated and ready to work.

The Actinidia Arguta Issai had a good crop of fruit, they are small and smooth skinned, taste like kiwi fruit but there is no need to peel them. The damson fruits were larger this year but without using a ladder there was barely enough for wine so we didn’t make pickle or jam.

There is still a lot of colour in with garden with Fuchsia, Schizostylus, Cyclamen and Anemone all looking pretty in pinks and white. The leaves are slowly turning but it is difficult to judge when they will be at their peak.

I am reading a recently published book called Sunshine Over Clover by Sarah Wint who in 2015 travelled Britain in her “Daisybus” visiting gardens which open for the National Garden Scheme. The book tells of the gardens, their owners and how to find happiness in a garden, Moors Meadow Gardens is included.

I feel I should be doing more writing but it is one more thing which is slow one-handed, not that I am very speedy in that department at the best of times.

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