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This Month December 2016 - Monday, 12 Dec 2016

As the warm dry Autumn flows into wet blustery days in late November it becomes harder to encourage myself to work outside. A good thing about the rain is that the lake level increased rapidly so I can yet again call it a lake rather than a bog garden, it also gave a good watering-in of the recently planted trees and shrubs as the ground in places was very dry.

The Medlar was looking rather woebegone and at a severe tilt so we decided to remove it and in its place have planted Euonymus Popcorn but also left space for two or three more shrubs. It is below the blue gates as you enter the Lower Garden, an area where we have recently planted other shrubs all flowering at different times and with very varied leaf form to give a long season of interest.

I have been pruning mostly “Out Back” and “Over Bank” areas which haven’t needed too much attention although I have only done the secateurs and lopper level thus still having the long arm pruning level to do. In one bed there is a large Catalpa which, some years ago, we had to give a little assistance to stand upright, I have now noticed that the lower branches on the downhill side have grown so much to put it in danger of being unstable again however I think that if we took out these branches the problem will be solved and it should not spoil the overall shape. There is also the added bonus of allowing more light and moisture to the plants underneath where we have in-filled with some lovely Illicium and a Cork Oak which will be protected whilst they are young and as they grow I will prune the surrounding plants harder.

This year the garden has seen more wildlife of the rather annoying kind for the damage they cause such as rabbits, squirrels and muntjac. Sadly we have seen less butterflies which is happening in many countries due to pollution, habitat destruction and farming methods of wanton chemical use. Some countries are banning Roundup as it is now shown to be harmful to wildlife and humans but unfortunately Britain is not one of those countries.

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