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This Month March 2017 - Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017

Just when I feel I am catching up with the work along comes storm Doris which was rather troublesome and created extra work as well as more firewood. We lost the tops out of two mature Conifers in different areas of the garden one of these had a wonderful Rose twisting right up to the top of the tree and was a great show when in flower, at least when all the debris was cleared there is not a great deal of obvious damage if you don’t know what you are looking for. The other conifer had half the tree fallen and this was partly in the lake. With this tree I decided that the remaining standing half would not look good if it was left and as we have several other of this species we removed it totally. The much smaller tree next to it had only a few good branches on one side so we took this tree out too.  I am now deciding what to replace them with.

I continue with the pruning but feel I can see the end of the job just around the corner and if the weather is good I hope I can finish before the second week of March then quickly run over some herbaceous areas as I hope to be planting out soon. It will be good to get it done but of course there will be no time to relax afterwards as there are so many other jobs awaiting my attention.

Every day more flowers open with the most noticeable splashes of vivid colour being the Rhododendrons, a pale pink one flowers first and then the deep pinks and now the deeper reds are opening. The Daffodils below the lake and the dwarf daffs in the Fernery have opened and the massed planting in the Lower Garden is on the cusp and will burst into flower through March. The Hellebores are always a great delight and are spreading brilliantly in the large area under the damsons but can be seen in many areas of the garden.

I am enjoying doing some work in the Lower Garden especially in the vicinity of Daphne Jaqueline Postill with the scent wafting in the air, it is delicious. We were pleased to find a few little offspring growing near its base, I have potted these up and hope they will grow up as delightful as their parent plant and we can put in other areas of the garden to spread the late winter beauty.

Joel, our new resident blacksmith has settled in and busy forging knives as well as running courses so people can come and make their own, I do like to have a look at the resulting knives from these courses and I am impressed by the quality showing that Joel is a very good teacher.

The garden is open most days but please contact first as these days do vary depending on other circumstances.

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