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This Month April 2017 - Saturday, 01 Apr 2017

What lovely warm sunny days, I hope we don’t regret it later but whatever the weather through the year I expect it will give us plenty to grumble about!

I didn’t think there was very much to plant out until I discovered a lot of pots of Tulip sprengeri, some of these I planted in the Fernery amongst the different varieties of Narcissus and Crocus. Some I planted under a weeping Prunus amongst some new herbaceous perennials including Astrantia major Suningdale var. Epimedium Crimson Beauty and Anemone ranuculoides. I was then intending to plant out some Fritillaria or what I thought was Fritillaria but on closer inspection I came to the conclusion that they were yet more Tulip sprengeri mum had grown from seed but the label had gone, I planted them under the Damsons amongst the Hellebores and other Spring flowers and dotted the rest in the shrubberies.

Mum hasn’t been too well so I have been planting the vegetable seeds which go into pots as well as potting on other young plants she has again grown from seed such as white flowering Cercis and Sorbus megalocarpa which has lovely young bronze leaves turning green as they age. I admit I am finding the work harder and ought to try to find a gardener for a day a week. Seven acres of intensely planted garden does take a lot of time and energy keeping up to the standard we like it to be and I find my super woman outfit is getting a little worn around the edges.

I took the camera for a walk to take photos of the areas of the garden mum is not yet up to getting to so she could see how blooming lovely it looks. If I were to describe it in great detail I wouldn’t get any work done today but there is plenty of colour in every area from the tiny woodlanders to the fresh young leaves on mature trees. The massed Narcissus around the garden are magnificent as are the Rhododendrons, Camellias, and Sophora, and numerous other shrubs and flowers. We are pleased to our lovely new Edgeworthia flowering. The scents assailed me, very noticeable is the Corylopsis with its sweet lemony aroma and I enjoyed listening to the birds song with no distraction of human generated noise.

I was pleased to get the first mow done and run over herbaceous areas giving them a quick weed before the weeds took a good hold which would be harder to deal with. Intermittently through April I will be planting more vegetables, the potatoes are in the ground, next will be the broad beans and parsnips. The vegetable garden is a lot of work but a recent raffle prize reminded us why we do continue to grow our own fruit and veg in spite of the time and energy it takes. I won a big box of mixed fruit and we were sure if we closed our eyes we wouldn’t know what fruit they were as the taste was insipid and generally watery.

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