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This Month May 2017 - Sunday, 30 Apr 2017

Sometimes even I say WOW to myself and that is still with one eye on the jobs I feel need doing. May is usually one of my favourite months anyway with the fresh growth and copious blooming plants and the thought of warm sunny days ahead but I cannot deny how good the garden looks, to my eye as well as to our visitors although there is always some who prefer clipped hedges and edges rather than our natural but well managed plot with its huge variety of plants. Someone asked me which ‘celeb’ gardener I followed, I replied none, the garden is pure and simply us, by us, from us and for us but welcoming those who wish also to enjoy it.

The Embothrium is double, triple and quadruple WOW, it has grown tall and dense and is massed with firey red flowers. In fact it is spreading so well and sending up more stems that I am going to dig a few up and replant them somewhere else when I have decided where and, of course, when the ground is not so dry.

There is a wonderful clash of colours in one little area with a bright pink Rhododendron, a vivid orange Azalea and a lot of purple Honesty which has seeded itself copiously, it is so horrendous I really like it. The Davidia (Handkerchief Tree) will be looking good through May as will the Primula river in the fernery and the massed Hostas by the lily pools.

We have visited a specialist rare plant nursery and I think my new love is Tetracentron sinense, this graceful spreading tree may reach 15 to 30m, it has vertical-hanging heart-shaped leaves with superb colour of green with red markings which turn brilliant red in autumn. I have no idea where to plant it. We also bought a few shrubs, ferns and woodland perennials all of which I also don’t know where to plant.

I have been pulling up unwanted nettles, leaving some for the butterflies, and other ‘weeds’ in the Lower Garden in the hope that doing it now will reduce work later. In the autumn the meadow grass is strimmed and the bulk of it used to mulch round shrubs, this does mean that any Cleaver seed and now the young plants, are concentrated around these shrubs making it easier to pull up. I do aim to have a change of jobs to vary the bending and standing but once I start a job I like to finish it before moving on to too many others however it will be several days to complete this job and the thought of spending days with a bent back is not too good.

I have a spot where four paths meet which I feel is asking for a tall narrow sculpture and I do now have an idea what it could be but whether I get around to doing it soon I am not so sure.

Please do not be put off by the “by appointment” label  as it is not as official as it sounds and the garden is open most days but not every day so as not to be disappointed please phone first to check as some days we have no option but to close for various reasons.

We also ask that those who know and like the garden if it is not an inconvenience a recommendation on trip advisor and other web sites and social media would be much appreciated.

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