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This Month June 2017 - Wednesday, 31 May 2017

May has been a riot of colour and June is promising to be the same too. The Embothrium has flowered for a long time, I just cannot resist frequently going to look at it. On one wander around the garden with my camera my ears were assaulted by a very loud and insistent buzzing in the Spring Garden where a large patch of Nectaroscordum siculum was teeming with bumble bees, I have never seen so many together before, a wonderful sight. There has also been many bees bumbling around the delicate pink flowers of the Actinidia pilosula and the white Libertia. Also of particular note are the Cornus especially Norman Haddon, the massed Primulas in the Fernery, Cytisus battandieri (Moroccan Broom) with its bright yellow flowers, Robinia hispida which is deep pink. As the self seeded Aquilegia finish flowering the, also self seeded, Foxgloves have shot up and are opening. The Hostas are looking very good and have spread so much into each other that I may have to split some of them in the autumn.

In the Lower Garden to the left side of the dingle I have gently lifted a few Beech branches to plant some more Azalea, between the new planting I have still left some Beech to sweep down to the ground. I have been spending more time working on the vegetable garden than I would like to but needs must to ensure we have good harvests to see us through a year. I am amazed how good the cabbage are which we planted last year to eat now, they are so good that there are still several in the ground unfortunately I need the space to plant out other veg but there is a limit to how quickly you can eat about 20 large cabbage.

I am also working through the areas where Forget-me-not has self seeded and finished flowering and giving each area a good weed, the prolific way Forget-me-not seeds this covers a lot of ground. I am hoping when this is done, especially in the herbaceous beds I will not have to go over them again for some time.

We were very pleased to see the Swallows back in mid May but I still haven’t heard a Cuckoo this year. The bird life is abundant and a special treat seeing a Tawny Owl one day as it flew close over my head. I do have to tell one Woodpecker off as it keeps pecking one of the posts holding up the veranda. By the veranda the blue of the Scillas, was replaced by the blue Corydalis, was replaced by blue Aquilegia, is being replaced by blue Viola cornuta and blue Pratia which will both flower throughout summer. It wasn’t intentional that it would be a succession of blue flowering plants all in the same ground but it works very well and they all seem happy without one drowning any other.

We still aim to open 5 days a week if possible but these days may vary and each week I put up the open days for the following week as we cannot state for certain too far in advance due to circumstances beyond our control.

In January 2018 there will be a seed swap in the foyer of the Conquest Theatre Bromyard so start saving seeds now and bring them along to swap, you will also have the opportunity to put your questions to an experienced gardener.

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