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This Month August 2017 - Monday, 31 Jul 2017

At the end of July it was already feeling that Autumn was in the air so my mind was turning to the end of summer chop back and we even started some of it in the theory that it will be less work to do later in the year. I quite enjoy the end of season weed in the shrubberies pulling back the more vigorous plants to reveal the primrose leaves and other little spring flowering ground cover. I am cutting off any ferns which now look a bit dishevelled but leaving the fresher looking ones and making a mental note of shrubs which will need attention in winter be it a light prune or more severe hacking.

I am still limited on the jobs I can do as although my elbow is improving I dare not risk using it more than the very minimum amount so even emptying my own wheel barrow is still out of the question but there is usually someone around I can ask to do it without having to resort to asking garden visitors.

As every job is harder and taking me longer I am not getting down to the Lower Garden so often therefore when I do take time to go down there I see things differently to if I was often in that area.

The Catalpa’s are looking very good, most noticeable are the lovely flowers on Catalpa x erubescens Purpurea, this year the variegated Catalpa is also flowering. The Geraniums are rambling nicely through the meadow grass and  the Clethra are looking good. Hemerocallis are colourful in several areas of the garden, around the house the Wisteria is having a good second flowering.

Most of the fruit crops are picked and stored, of the later fruit there will be very few apples, damsons, pears or plums due to a late frost. The potato crop is so far very good as are the peas and beans. The, new this year, Asparagus Pea has pretty deep red flowers and is prolific though not remarkable in flavour but an interesting trial. The melons have spread through the greenhouse and fruited profusely with large sweet melons.

I had an unpaid helper, known as The Slave, for a month which was a great help as well as doing many general gardening jobs he also did some fixing jobs. One of the jobs he did for me was to take out a very vigorous Rose which covered an apple tree, although looked lovely in its flowering it did take a lot of time and energy to prune and tidy every year. In its place I may plant one, or more likely, two Clematis which will flower at different times. He also removed a nearby vigorous Akebia that had climbed over more delicate plants, I do like them but we have another in a situation where it doesn‘t muscle in on other plants.

I am still saving seeds for a seed swap in Bromyard in January, I hope others are saving some too.

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