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This Month October 2017 - Sunday, 01 Oct 2017

Late September was remarkably warm and quite dry here, apart from the odd light mizzle or short sharp shower, which made work easier although it wasn‘t a bundle of fun as after each damp spell water would drip off the shrubs or soak up the arm from the weeds. The downside is that the garden needs rain and the water table is worryingly low. I have been spending quite a lot of time weeding around shrubs, which I generally enjoy as it gives me a chance to have a good look at them. Some of the shrubs are spreading nicely to form good clumps, all the better to shade out the grass. Several have sent up new shoots from the ground, I should carry pen and paper to make a note of any I could move a part of to other areas. I did see that the Crinodendron is still flowering with its lovely red lanterns.

There is evidence of Muntjac in the garden, I do not mind as long as they do not damage plants however I have had to put cages around some of the trees in recent years.

The autumn colour is looking good, and depending on the weather could brighten up during October. The Colchicum (Autumn Crocus) are a lovely splash of lilac-colour with the C. Waterlily  very striking with its many petals.

The few roots of potatoes I have so far dug are very prolific, I have only needed to dig a few roots as each root lasts us several days, sometimes just one potato is large enough for two people. They are also still scraping so I need to wait until they need to be peeled before digging the whole crop or they will not store well. That will be an interesting job as my dislocation of the elbow in June is still limiting the jobs I can achieve. I will not even be considering strimming for a long time yet so have had to employ someone for the big autumn strim. That is why I am carefully weeding around shrubs, trees and other plants o make them very obvious to the person strimming.

I am hoping there will not be too much pruning over winter but there will be a few dead plants to remove which could be from the dry weather causing them stress, most noticeable is the Monkey Puzzle which only has a few green branches on the very top. I have been given two new young plants which I will put lower down the garden which is more moist.

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