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This Month January 2018 - Tuesday, 31 Jan 2017

Wishing you a happy healthy gardening New year.

It was a very timely fall of snow in December as my back was too bad to be gardening so apart from doing the daily jobs I spent the time walking the garden with my camera or prone on the sofa, thank goodness for a good osteopath. The snow didn’t hang around long but it was heavy and brought several branches down, these are now cleared but I do have to re-prune areas I had already done.

I am hoping that January will see the bulk of the pruning completed apart from the more tender plants. Depending on the weather I may even do some planting out and do a few other jobs such as mending and making however the pruning is my priority. I am still not sure how I will manage that which requires the long arm tools due to my injuries. I really do need more help in the garden, once I feel I can no longer tend it to the standard I like it to be then the garden will close, but at the moment by hook or by crook I will somehow manage. Again due to my injuries as well as the extra jobs due to mums health there has been no logical method for working around the garden this winter, I only work the distant reaches of the garden when I have enough time to spare to make the walk down and back up from lower areas worth while.

Some grasses, like the tall Miscanthus were flattened across other plants by the snow so I decided to cut the old off now instead of doing later in February. I also though it may be a quick swipe across rather than being more fiddly working around the new shoots however the new shoots on some of these plants are already well grown.

I have spotted a few places where I feel more plants can be added, I should keep pen and paper in my pocket to make a note of their aspect and size to help bring to mind what I can fill the gaps with.

Many things around the garden already have a spring-like demeanour and some days birds are singing as if spring is in the air. Primroses are blooming, buds are swelling on some Magnolias and the dark-red petals of one particularly delicious Rhododendron which is not usually out until March are now visible.

The birds, as always, are busy on the feeders, the Long-tailed Tits used to be timid only coming to the feeders as dusk fell and when most of the other birds had left, they also left a feeder if another bird landed on it. Now they are emboldened and can be seen throughout the day feeding amongst the other birds. They did leave when a Greater-spotted Woodpecker landed on the nut feeder but once that had settled a Long-tailed Tit landed and fed alongside it.

Do come to the Bromyard Seed Swap Saturday 27th January 10.30am to 1pm at the Conquest Theatre Bromyard, bring seeds along or if you have none spare come along and take a few home with you (a lot of these are from rarely seen plants) or just come for a good gardening chat and with any garden questions you have.

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