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This Month March 2018 - Thursday, 01 Mar 2018

Oh brrrrr! I don’t know about March coming in like a lion but I think it is more like a polar bear. I am hoping for some warmth as I would like to be getting on with pruning the tender shrubs. At least the frosts have made the ground hard enough to gather up the wood from fallen trees and branches which has been lying in piles around the garden, all now logged and in the wood shed. We have also been tidying some storage areas, you know the ones where you save loads of stuff for when it will come in handy - one day!

The pesky rabbits have still been getting in the veg patch and the only part of fencing which they did not need a double ladder for them to get over was some picket fencing this we have now rectified by making it a double-decker picket fence. I didn’t want to have to do it as the lower height was more aesthetically pleasing to my eye but needs must and if it saves our vegetables it will save us a lot of angst and I am sure I will get used to the added height.

The cold weather has held the plants back a little, those which had opened such as some Hellebores are hanging their heads and looking very sorry for themselves. I am not surprised as I went out this morning, 1st March, for a few moment and the wind was bitter, I will not be going back out today unless absolutely necessary such as feeding the birds.

I am hoping it will soon be warm enough to get on with garden work with splitting more clumps of Snowdrops, planting out and late pruning.This time last year the plants were far more forward, the weather varies to the extent that it makes it very difficult to plan ahead. In the mean time we could be thinking about which gardens we would like to visit this year, it is difficult thinking of places which are suitable for mum’s little ‘car’, sadly Moors Meadow is too steep for it.

The garden is open upon request through 2018 and we do welcome visitors so please do not be put off by the “appointment” tag as that is to make our life easier now mum is not so steady on her pins and I have to do more of the gardening and house stuff.

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