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This Month April 2018 - Saturday, 31 Mar 2018

Not sure whether I could be described as a ‘busy bee’ or a ‘scalded cat’, It has been a very busy time in the garden, throughout the winter months just when we thought we were catching up with ourselves the weather would pull us back. Now we are trying to move into a higher gear which, unfortunately, becomes harder all the time but we are still managing to tend it to our high standard although more and more it makes me wonder how long we will keep the garden open however it is still open now to visit on a pre-contact basis yet we do put definite dates on the home page of this web site.

Now around Easter time the damp weather is holding us back yet again and I am itching to get on with the work. It was a few tough days cleaning and tidying paths but the noticeable difference it makes to the overall impression of the garden by having neat paths is quite huge be it cleaning concrete, putting down fresh shreddings or mowing.

I am in the process of doing the last bit of pruning, trying to dash over the herbaceous beds whilst the weed seedlings are young and can easily be pulled out and I still have planting out to do. A few new plants did just happen to jump in my car, these are for shady areas: Aconitum Carmichael Royal Flush, Anemone nemerosa Westwell Pink, Anemone nemerosa Viridiflora and Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash. I must ensure I plant the Pulmonaria away from any other Pulmonaria in case they cross and it looses its lovely deep raspberry-pink colour.

Through April the garden will noticeably change daily with the drifts of Daffodils especially in the Lower Garden, the Rhododendrons are opening which is later than usual, many shrubs will rapidly burst forth to bloom through April and May and into June, my favourite months. The wild Narcissus I planted just a few weeks ago are blooming, as they bulk up over the years they will be an impressive sight. The many other spring bulbs are gearing up and as the next weeks pass they will bring bright splashes through meadow areas, in flower beds and to even the most shady places.

If only the weather would dry up a bit I could get on with the work and try to catch up with myself as at present the few fine days are a mad rush to achieve little and does not leave me enough time to enjoy the garden. I must make a start with the vegetables with at least the planting in the greenhouse but we do need some sunshine to warm the soil. It will not be today, as I write this the rain is still coming down.

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