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This Month August 2018 - Friday, 31 Aug 2018

I keep mulling over whether to keep the garden open to the public, we do take great pleasure in seeing others enjoy our garden as the majority of people do, however just one visitor from the whole season complains via a third party and I wonder again why we open. If people had questions or see things which are not to their taste I wish they would ask me why something is as it is rather than bad-mouth the garden. We state we are an organic wildlife garden working with nature instead of trying to beat nature into submission and we do not pretend to be formal with stripes in lawns or severely clipped hedges and edges. The meadow grass is long at this time of year and not cut until the flower seeds have ripened, and oh how lovely it is with many cultivated and wild flowers, now with Geraniums flowing through the grass. The lake (now seasonal pool) has dried due to the lack of rain. There have been a few areas which have not had as much attention as I would like but in our defence to that ‘me lord’ there is no way we would consider working out in the searing sun of this summer and as we get more cloudy days these are being tended.

In answer to the ladies who were asking about some bugs on the broad beans, yes they were all ladybirds but in three different stages of their life-cycle, the larva, pupa and adults, there were hundreds of them which helps to get rid of any problem bugs. One of the great things about a wildlife garden is that the wildlife helps to keep the garden healthy and save us from having to do something about any pesky critters ourselves.

Whilst some plants look in a sorry state due to the hot dry weather others are looking very good with butterflies enjoying flowers such as Buddleias and Eupatorium, the later seems to be very popular with Peacock butterflies. The Calycanthus is covered in flowers as is the Catalpa x erubescens Purpurea and Catalpa bignoniodes variegata which has more flowers than ever before.

I spend less time strimming as the plants mature and shade out more grass but did knock off the wild red Epilobium (Willow Herb) whilst in flower but before it seeds as it will soon spread and drown other things, the white Epilobium is not so rampant or tall so I leave that one.

As I write this it is raining, hoorah, it is great to get some at last although it will not be anywhere near enough to make up for the long dry spell it is very welcome.

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