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This Month September 2018 - Friday, 31 Aug 2018

Busy busy, so much to do that I just hope I can achieve all the tasks. The wildflower seeds dropped quite early so I have been trying to get the long grass in the Lower Garden cut and cleared. Some can be done with the mower but a lot has to be strimmed due to the density of the trees and shrubs. In some areas the grass is now quite sparse so I am trying to decide what ground cover I can put in so there is something after the Snowdrops apart from the Daffodils and Bluebells. I may move some young Hellebores from an area they are rapidly seeding into and becoming very crowded.  The Reineckia carnea is spreading in the Grass Garden and I may thin that out and move into one shrubbery area, I want to plant things in large swathes rather than have a lot of different things in one area. Reineckia is from Japan and China, it spread by rhizome, it has wide grass-like leaves to a height of 8ins (20cm) and small, almost hidden, pink flowers. The soil needs to be a little more moist before we start moving plants although I would like to plant some herbaceous things out but may leave trees and shrubs a little longer.

We were intending to leave patches of open meadow in some areas of the Lower Garden  however due to the work involved in clearing these areas, even only once a year, we have decided to reduce these open areas by planting more small trees and shrubs. As long as these are not planted too close it will reduce the workload with the added bonus of feeding our addiction! I am also debating whether to mow more paths in the Lower Garden as some areas are quite large it is difficult to see some of the plants in the innermost parts of these areas however I will wait until the spring bulbs are up before I make any decision.

We are also working on the jungle garden and are heavily pruning a lot of the plants trying to ensure there is light between each adjacent plant and each layer of plants. It will take a while to finish with so much brash to clear as we go but the under planting needed much more light and moisture to thrive and spread.

The Wisteria put on a very good second flowering but even more showy was the second flowering of the lovely bright orange Lonicera tellmaniana and the Robinia hispida. We were very happy to see the red Campsis flowering this year and the ten different Hibiscus have been a mass of flowers.

We have some new Anemone, Dreaming Swan, Fantasy Belle and Tiki Sensation, to fill out herbaceous beds for late colour.

We are saving seeds for the Bromyard Seed Swap in the foyer of the Conquest Theatre on Saturday 19th January 10.30am to 1pm, I hope you are saving seeds for this event too.

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