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This Month November 2018 - Tuesday, 06 Nov 2018

I am sitting looking out on a misty damp day with plants limply hanging their heads and minimal wildlife to be seen and I am sure I am not the only one that feels the ability to hibernate would be a pleasing prospect. Oh well as I cannot shake off those early winter blues I had better shake out the thermals and waterproofs and push myself out the door. The days are brightened by some Acers still holding their vibrant leaves of yellow, orange and red and some late flowering plants such as Nerine.

I shiver at the thought of the few herbaceous plants I have still to chop off especially when my brain is in pruning mode, there is also a few things left to plant out and I have still not finished pruning the jungle area but that is the part of the garden which I am being most severe with. My plan is to have the majority of the pruning done by February leaving just the more tender plants to do after that. I also hope to make another sculpture but whether that is a wish which will remain still unfulfilled when spring arrives I do not know. I do have an idea for one sculpture out of metal which could be use as a climbing frame for a Schizophragma which is waiting to be planted out. I have to accept that I cannot do as much as I did a few years ago and so am planning to delegate the Apple pruning as I did last year, I do like to see a well pruned tree but it is not a job that I was ever too keen to do.

Our porch smells wonderfully of apples as we find it has the best temperature for storage as well as, so far, being mouse proof. The potatoes and squash are also stored there but this year there are not many squash.

Due to difficulties with coach parking I am no longer encouraging coach parties, the old-style 35 seat bus can navigate the lane but modern coaches are just too big. We still welcome groups and individual visitors.

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