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This Month December 2018 - Saturday, 01 Dec 2018

Some days I feel like I am cracking on well with the pruning yet other days feel like I am way behind. Previous years I carry secateurs, hand saw, loppers and pole pruner with me all the time but this year I am first going round doing the lower pruning and when that is done I will go round again just with the pole pruner. I don’t know if it makes much difference but it does mean that I have less to carry and do not have to keep going back and forth picking up different tools. The low pruning is done in nearly all the area ‘Out Back’ which is about half the garden. I think I will set myself the task of having all the low pruning done by the shortest day.

The summer dryness saw the demise of a few small shrubs in shady areas so I need to think what to fill those places with however I do not find much time to get out to nurseries, I could think about growing more from seed but again it is time to do everything, I haven’t even had a good look around the whole garden for ages. I did nip out one day as a local nursery sourced a new Ptelea trifoliate Aurea (Golden Hop Tree).  I could not resist an Acer pensylvanicum Erythrocladum (Striped Maple or Moosewood). The striped Maple is native to eastern North America and is the most richly coloured of any Snakebark Maple, Erythrocladum has strikingly beautiful red branches in winter. I am sure I will find space in the Acer bed, I seem to say that a lot as I put two more new Acers in there this year, I could put it in a different area but it may be lost amongst other plants whereas in the Acer bed all the Acers are easy to see and the difference between them is interesting. I am not sure where I will put the Golden Hop Tree but it will be in a different area to the one which died.

As I was looking out of a window after the leaves had dropped I saw a few orange blobs and just had to go and investigate to find I had forgotten to pick the Persimmon. There were four small fruit so it was with great anticipation we bit in to the sweet juicy flesh and the first bite was delicious but in a few moments the mouth felt very dry and furry.

We have been seeing a Stoat quite a lot which is great as it will help keep the Rabbit population down. The Owls are still very vocal, a few days ago I saw a Tawny Owl and last night I saw a Barn Owl, lovely.

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