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This Month January 2019 - Monday, 31 Dec 2018

The team at Moors Meadow would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2019.

I recently received a letter and was surprised when I opened it to find Moors Meadow Gardens had been nominated for a ‘Rural Oscar’ from the Countryside Alliance Awards 2019. These prestigious awards are in their 14th year, their aim is to celebrate rural businesses which make a valuable contribution to their local community. I am tickled pink by this nomination and have no expectations of being short-listed but would be even more delighted and proud if it were so. The garden is a pleasure to work in and to have a hand in its evolution, to watch plants as they grow to maturity and to see how wildlife thrives in a garden of very mixed planting, however I do admit it is very hard work and I do not always have the energy or time I would like to put new ideas into practice although the seeds in my mind may grow into reality one day, the difficulty is deciding which seeds to plant first!

For 2019 the garden will continue to be open by appointment, this allows us to know when to expect visitors thus enabling us to organise our workload more practically and so achieve more. We will still open five days for the NGS charities and we still welcome individual visitors as well as groups. The head gardener will continue to give an introductory talk to groups and can also be available for personal guided tours by prior arrangement as well as talks for Garden Clubs, the WI and other groups. As always there will be new plants and changes to the garden as it evolves. One of the hardest jobs is keeping the kitchen garden in order so I am continually reassessing the crops and ways of managing them.

Joel Black Knives is still in residence for those who wish to see a highly skilled blacksmith at work.

At present we are still doing the winter prune and unlike last year we are not, so far, hampered by the white stuff falling from the sky. Fingers crossed it will soon be completed and there will be time for some extra jobs. Some days it feels so warm the coat and hat are surplus to requirements and the birds singing as if spring were here. The buds are swelling and the first Daffodils will open the same time as the Snowdrops. There are a few places which, I feel, are in need of new shrubs but it gets harder to find things which we do not already have. I look forward to the lighter mornings as it is not easy forcing myself up in the morning when it is still dark but it will soon be spring and I will be leaping up and keen to get outside.

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