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This Month February 2019 - Friday, 01 Feb 2019

I have just been trying to weed the veg garden but the wind is whistling around quite strong and getting more gusty so I felt discretion was called for, in truth I do no longer trust the strength of the greenhouse, the glass is good but the wood has rotted. If I could crack on with it, it wouldn’t take too long as the soil is friable and the weeds coming up easily but there are just too many calls on my time.

There is still the tender pruning to do but I think I will leave that until the end of February or beginning of March. Meantime there is a little general tidying and several odd jobs to do.

We do have a lovely new compost bin in the kitchen garden which has six sections, this will save a lot of work as I used to wheel the debris away then wheel the made compost back again to go on the beds but since closing the nursery there is a lot more space in that area.

An old manger was rotting away and I didn’t want to lose the plants growing in them so we emptied two metal containers which had previously had water plants for sale in and no longer needed for that purpose, they did leak a little anyway, and transferred the plants into these rather than doing a short term bodge job on the manger.

I am also redoing the sign at the end of the lane which very large and bright yellow and still has nursery on it. The new one will be more discrete and just say Moors Meadow as the garden is now open by appointment we prefer we do not get casual visitors asking for the ‘garden centre’!

The Snowdrops are looking lovely and there are a few Daffodils in flower but there is so much more ready to burst forth if the weather doesn’t turn wintry. I was pruning the Prinsepia in mid January and that was already showing a few little star-shaped yellow flowers, it is a nice shrub but very thorny and a fast grower, not one for the small garden. Last year I planted some Winter Aconite, in the green, near the lily pools and spread amongst the Hostas, which are now dormant, so there is more colour in that area now. I am looking forward to seeing the hundreds of Daffs I also planted last year in the green.

I am hoping for a chance to source some more different shrubs this year as there are several spaces around the garden. In one place I have chopped a Blackthorn back to lighten the aged tree, the branches were heavy and sweeping the ground. I do like the spring blossom but the size and weight had become too much for the tree. I may plant some things in front of it and also allow some young Blackthorn to grow up next to the parent plant in the hedge to replace it as I don’t think it will last too many more years.

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