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This Month March 2019 - Saturday, 02 Mar 2019

The mild weather is certainly bringing plenty of plants into flower of which the bumble bees I have seen appreciate. The down-side being the Snowdrops were over quite quickly and we are in need of rain.

Edgeworthia chrysantha is looking and smelling lovely with its small heads of yellow and white tubular flowers on the bare stems. It is from China and likes sun and shelter. It would be good for a small garden growing to 3 to 6ft (1 to 1.8m). There is a red form which is on my wish list.

The early Rhododendrons are a nice splash of colour now and so too are the spring bulbs as, of course, are the Hellebores. I really should take a walk around with the camera. I like this time of year, watching buds swell and burst into flower or leaf and the wildlife more active and vocal.

I looked out of the kitchen window this morning at dawn to see a Muntjac, as a wildlife garden it isn’t easy to choose which wildlife visits!

My time in the garden is very limited at the moment so there are still plenty of late winter jobs to do which I hope to finish through March so I am free to get on with planting the vegetables in April. Still just a bit of pruning as well as planting out and finish preparing the veg beds. I am very happy to have a volunteer who is helping me with the kitchen garden as that is the work I find hardest, he recompense will be to be given some lovely fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

I am still deciding whether to get more bulbs, the temptation is overwhelming although there is little space for them I do have some gaps which need planting up which can be bulbs, perennials, shrubs and maybe the odd small tree if I find anything new.

Don’t be fooled by the warm weather as there could very easily be cold snaps, I see so many people buying bedding plants too early. I don’t do annuals as although they are a nice splash of colour the work they involve, to me, is not worth it even if I had the time and energy. I much prefer perennials with their longer season with attractive leaves as well as the flowers, planted closely so weeds have less chance to take hold.

The garden remains open all year by appointment, I know that can be off-putting for some people but I am very happy to have visitors and it can be at short notice so do ring or email.

I do like doing things for charity so there will be NGS days, although the car parking isn’t huge, and I have just given a ticket for four with a guided tour by the head gardener to the Midland Air Ambulance for a raffle prize, such a worthy cause we all need to support.

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