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Thi Month April 2019 - Sunday, 31 Mar 2019

It is so good to have the feeling of achieving something rather than standing still or even going backwards. At the end of March the first mow and strim was done, the paths tidy, pruning done, the vegetable garden tidy and even the planting started. The only thing which hadn’t been done was the acquisition of new plants which I hope to rectify ASAP……. I have just rectified that comment as I managed to get a bit of time out and two trees accidentally jumped into my car, Acer Brandywine which as its name suggests is a superb colour, Liquidamber styaciflua also has good colour and the young branches have a cork-like appearance. I also bought Fatshedera lizei, a shrub apparently valued by flower arrangers, it will not be used for that purpose here as I prefer to see our plants living rather than picked to look good for a few short days. Amazingly I even have them planted without too much stress on the little grey cells about where to put them. We do have 3 white-flowered Cercis mum grew from seed and I have found a spot for one but I don’t know what to do with the others. There are also several other shrubs in pots left from when we had the nursery and I am not sure where to put them, I do not want to throw them away. If anyone wants a Rubus cockburnianus (white-washed bramble) do contact me soon, you are welcome to it as a free gift.

I do need to make a start on planting seeds in pots to start in the greenhouse, my hope is that the greenhouse will last another season as it is rotting somewhat, the wooden framed ones are just not the quality they were in my fathers day, then nothing much is in our throw away society.

The colour in the garden is wonderful, a very different March to last year. I am writing this over breakfast at 6am and determined to take a walk with the camera in a short while to capture the beauty, especially of the swathes of daffodils. The Hellebores did not seem so bright and striking this year however so many other plants are putting on a very good show, such as the Camellias, Magnolias and Rhododendrons and there are some delicious little gems opening in the shady under-storey.

I did take that walk and enjoyed seeing the garden without rushing to work, the downside was that I spotted a few more jobs to do but they need time down the Lower Garden to get them done.

I was going to take the coir protection off the tender plants as the days are so warm however a timely reminder last night that we may still get frosts for a while longer yet.

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