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This Month May 2019 - Tuesday, 30 Apr 2019

Many spring flowers were out early and also over early due to the unseasonable hot weather at Easter so now the later spring flowers are out, even the Davidia involucrate (Handkerchief Tree). Now is a good time to visit gardens although many people do not think of it until summer but in most years early is best and more so in a hot dry year, I say this whilst it is raining hence the reason I am indoors. It is also quite gusty wind which makes me wary of working certain areas around trees. The rain after Easter was timely for the vegetable beds and they are now growing apace. For some reason I had to replant the courgettes but most things have germinated well.

I find we have a little space in the fruit cage but cannot decide what to put in there that would be different, I can no longer eat raspberries so am not replacing the old canes. There is a temptation to add another cherry but with three already it is as much as we can do to scoff the lot, but we do force ourselves! The edible honeysuckle is tasty but the one plant is enough although they could be used instead of blueberries as those do not like our soil.

The Wisteria has started its succession  of blooming around the sides of the house starting at the sunny warm south-facing front and working around, in a few weeks, to the cooler shady sides. I am waiting to see how pink the pink Wisteria will be this year as sometimes it looks rather washed-out.

I keep wondering how I am almost up to speed (but not quite) with the work but since I closed the nursery part I do have more time for other jobs, at least in theory. I have even, either, planted out the oddments left, or, as in the case of just a few, put them in the compost bins. I am not sure what to do with the gravelled frames which are now lying idle. I have weeded them but left several herbaceous plants which I am transplanting around the garden. The gravel makes a good place for things to self seed. I do have an Albizia julibrissin and a  Clianthus puniceus in pots, I was going to plant them by the sunny smithy wall but am now thinking to keep them in pots for a year or two first.

Jobs now are weeding in various areas but mostly the veg garden and fruit cage as a few plants here and there where they are not wanted are fine but I do like to keep the Kitchen garden without interlopers. When the Forget-me-nots are over and I pull them out I will be better able to see where gaps are. I am itching for a trip out to my favourite special nurseries but unfortunately it is not an easy thing to do at the moment although I did manage a few hours out at a specialist plant fair so have a few things to plant out, mostly woodlanders but also three new shrubs.

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