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This Month June 2019 - Sunday, 02 Jun 2019

Head down cracking on with jobs then stand up and look around you a week or two later and everything is as high as an elephants eye and you wonder if you are going to be stalked by a tiger creeping through the jungle. The growth rate of plants is certainly fast at the moment and everything races to get ahead of its neighbour.

The downside for the gardener is that there is a lot to do trying to keep the wayward plants to heel, whilst the wildlife and us like the massed colours, shapes and scents there has to be some control or a few thugs would oust the rest. I am working through the Lower Garden, around the specimen trees and shrubs to remove the rampaging Cleavers before it seeds to give the plants more light and air and allow more moisture to the roots. I have noted a few gaps which I would like to fill soon but it is so dry that I am wary of planting anything out at the moment. One area in great need  of plants is the back of the Grass Garden as it is very dry under the Conifers but I do not want to remove any of the ones left as they are a good shelter belt. I will have to source more dry-loving plants and not just plant more Yuccas.

It is a lovely time to visit gardens. There is so much to look at but some of the most noticeable plants are the massed Primula candleabra in the Fernery, Buddleia colvilei, Cornus Norman Haddon and Robinia hispida. There are, of course, many other trees and shrubs in flower but I think the aforementioned are the ones most commented on. It is great to grab a few veranda moments as the view from there is a riot of colour and one of my favourite views, maybe that is because I am sitting and just enjoying it.

One evening I went for a late walk and sat in the Lower Garden as it got dark, the bird song was lovely as the small birds settled down for the night then the owls started calling, I could hear at least three hooting back and forth to each other.

Now I am off for more fighting with the cleavers then maybe later a bit of work on herbaceous beds or the kitchen garden and I shall mull over what herbaceous plants I can put in one meadow area which doesn’t have much at this time of year, the other areas have a lot of flowers.

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