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This Month July 2019 - Sunday, 30 Jun 2019

Webbed feet and wet clothes - was that really June! I had extra time in the garden so I had to work in the rain to get things done, it was not easy but I am pleased with jobs achieved, mainly tidying the Lower Garden. I hope it will be a quicker dash through the shrubberies to get them in order to my satisfaction. I still have planting out to do but wanted to get on with the weeding before some things went to seed, it has also given me more idea of where to plant as I found a couple of dead shrubs. Every day for about a week I would think ‘just two more days to finish the lower garden’ then I would discover a patch I had missed, all done and looking better now.

New plants are quite a mix with an amazing Lysimachia paridiformis with four large horizontal leaves and a yellow boss in the centre, it is a recent introduction from China. Amica zygomeris is an exotic-looking large (8ft / 2.5m) perennial pea with yellow flowers. Eucryphia x intermedia Miniature at 5ft (1.5m) would be suitable for a smaller garden as opposed to many other species which are the size of small trees.

There are some great colours in the garden now with massed Primula candleabra in the Fernery but now it is the oranges and yellows whereas earlier it was the pinks. The lovely Pterostyrax hispida (Epaulette Tree) is covered in drooping white flowers. The flowers on Pysocarpus Diablo are shown off to perfection against the bronze foliage as are the pink flowers against the bronze leaves of an Elderberry and the vivid pink of a Rodgersia with its large lobed leaves. I also noticed than the Liriodendrons are both flowering, I do like the variegation of the one as the markings are crisp, clear and fresh-looking. The most asked about shrub at the moment is Cornus Norman Hadden which is very striking.

I have had a volunteer helping to keep the kitchen garden in order which is a great help. The strawberries so far taste a bit watery although a better flavour than the shop ones however the sun in late June and into July will sweeten them. I think the old plants need pulling up when they have finished fruiting as they are past it, I will save some young runners, cover the beds with fresh compost and maybe plant less as we have far too many, at least that’s the plan.

There will be a lot of pruning to do in the winter as things have grown so much and in places crowding each other a lot more than is good. It is fine where a Sorbaria and an Aralia are having a tussle as they are both strong enough to hold their own but the problem is where one plant is stronger than another there needs to be a restraining order in place.

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