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This Month August 2019 - Wednesday, 31 Jul 2019

I do enjoy the hot summer days which are even better when we get some rain as a long dry spell is just too worrying with water issues however the wet days means either getting wet or not going outside.

The Callistemon (Bottle Brush) are a vibrant red, I am not sure if they have flowered so profusely before. The Hemerocalis are great clumps in varied colours, I did put some new ones in last year and seeing two that are close together and when in bud look very similar but when full out the one is dark orange and the other a deep red, after thinking a while I have decided to move the new red and put in a totally different colour, maybe a rich yellow or a purple, or a bright double orange-yellow but when it came to it I did leave the new one and removed 2 big clumps of the established one to replant in another bed.

I do like to see the Agapanthus out now, some blue and some white flowering plants had become hidden by shrubs so I moved them to a sunny spot which has become dry, I watered them in well and if they look too hang-dog I will water again until they are settled but they had ceased to be happy where the shrubs had grown over them.

It has seemed almost endless preparing fruit and vegetables for the freezers lately but I am very happy to have a good crop of peas and broad beans. I will clear those veg beds soon but not on a sunny day as the kitchen garden is just too hot to work in then. The courgettes have taken a while to reach fruition but we are eating them now and trying to ensure they don’t get to marrow size.

I am trying to keep remembering to save seed for the Bromyard seed swap which will be held on 25th January 2020 from 10.30 to 12 noon in the Conquest Theatre.

I have enjoyed some nice ambles around the whole garden in the guise of pulling up the odd hogweed or dock before they seed but it was not arduous as there were few of them. I did take my camera with me and should have taken pen and paper to make a note of jobs to do later this year.

One seat had almost rotted away but with still one piece of wood which is sound so in its place there is now a new seat made from recycled metal with this one good piece of wood attached so it is still the “pink seat”. Another seat was getting unstable but we decided on a totally new seat made from more recycled metal, I never throw anything away as it will always come in handy one day!

Garden jobs are just little bits of dead-heading and weeding out a few things just to keep the garden away from total chaos as we do not like being tidy in the sense of a formal garden, we prefer tidy as with a cottage garden and plants intermingling in a gentle rather than thuggish manner.

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