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This Month September 2019 - Saturday, 31 Aug 2019

That was a mixed August but I was pleased to get the rain as the ground here needed the moisture and there was still enough dry to get on with the work and even some jobs which were not on the list. In some areas I decided the ferns were spreading too much so I took them out of the large kitchen garden area and just left a few Harts Tongue under some shrubs in dark corners. In one of these areas I planted a patch of Epimedium I had split from elsewhere in the garden and moved some Solomen’s Seal which had become hidden by shrubs. Another place in the kitchen garden already has an under planting of Mitella breweri but the removal of big ferns left enough space in this sheltered spot for a tender shrub. I think I will take some wild ferns out of the fernery as it soon just becomes such a mass of fronds and it is difficult to distinguish between species whereas when they stand close but alone the differences are noticeable. I have given the fern removal treatment to under the damson patch too as they were starting to hide Hellebores.

I think we have a Hobby in the garden, it may be two but I only occasionally get a glimpse of one, but I have often heard their call through August. They look like large Swifts in flight and are very quick. They may have been passing through as I haven’t heard them for a few days now.

We have started the big mow and strim on the long meadow grass, when it is finished I will plant some new trees and shrubs as well as smaller herbaceous plants I have grown from seed such as coloured primroses. The growth of some trees and shrubs means there is not enough space between for tractor and mower so these areas need a strim which is very tiring work and I am promising that I will stick to just one tank of fuel a day so it will take a while to finish.

We have placed another new seat, it was made to replace the rotted one at the top of the lower garden over-looking the Acer bed. It is made out of the old back cab of a pick-up with the curved shape of the grill mirrored in the solid seat, we even left the hinges on. I am very pleased with it.

The leaves are starting to turn and I am excited to see the shades of the new shrubs I have put in, especially new Acers. I still have one new Acer to plant out, the label on it said Acer palmatum Westonbirt Seedling but the nursery I bought it thought it came to them wrongly named, I don’t care as it looks lovely and different to any we have with silver and red markings on the stems. I may plant it in the Acer bed after removing a small Acer which was variegated but has reverted to green, it is not a good specimen and has never done very well.

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