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This Month November 2019 - Monday, 04 Nov 2019

I really do not like being indoors but rain seriously stopped play in October, the problem is that I get stir crazy on a wet day and have difficulty concentrating on the indoor jobs which need doing and on a fine day I have to work too hard to try to catch up. I didn’t mind the damp too much whilst it was still warm but around the middle of the month the early starts to the day became harder, not just the darker mornings but the temperature had dropped that bit too much for my fingers to function so well. Grumpy old women but I don’t much like this time of year and have to try focusing on the fact that it isn’t too many weeks until the shortest day and then I feel my spirits lifting again.

I was pleased to get the Fernery in order by taking out some wild ferns that had increased in size so much that they had become just a wall of green with no distinction between them. It was quite tough as some of the clumps were big and I had to use my little grey cells to decide which to take out and which were to stay. Happily our volunteer gardener did the job of weeding the path which mostly involved taking out Primula candleabra and Violets which had seeded so much the path was almost indistinguishable from the beds. I do have a new fern to plant, Woodwardia fimbriata, it grows to 7ft (2m) but I may not put it in the fernery as that area may not be sheltered enough.

I have done more planting out and moved shrubs which were not to happy in the position I had put them, it was a few small Pieris and Kalmia, they are now planted together in a little area in the spring garden where I had cut back or removed other plants.

I did get more new plants which need shelter than we have areas to put them but could not resist giving some of them a try.

I have been sorting through the images of the garden I have taken over the years and deleted many but I still kept a lot to show how the garden has changed in a short space of time. When I moved back home almost half the garden was open but with our acquisitive manner and the speed things grow on our good soil there is so much more shade. I do have to be very careful that it does not all evolve to be shaded as we like to grow such a wide range of plants and would lose many sun-lovers. This is one reason we are now doing some heavy pruning so we still allow plenty of light and moisture in.

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