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This Month December 2019 - Saturday, 30 Nov 2019

Now we have the wet November behind us when the cold and damp seeps into the bones, although it wasn’t very cold it still felt like it to me, I wonder what the winter will throw at us, whether it will be wet or white. Even with the wet days there was enough dry to crack on with the pruning and I feel that we are on schedule to get it done in good time but I had better not speak too soon! I don’t think getting the pruning done will be too much of a problem but all the other jobs which desperately need doing may be more difficult. I know I need more help with the garden and odd jobs but I don’t seem to meet any young all-round handymen. Back in the day blokes could turn their hand to fixing almost anything.

A few years ago we fixed a splitting Catalpa tree by bolting the main large branches together and this year decided to lighten the load on the downhill side, the bolts are still holding well and the tree has grown around them to the extent that they are no longer visible. Lifting the canopy a little has also allowed more light and water into the middle of a relatively recent replanted shrubbery. The Schleffera I planted within the last two years is looking great and growing well.

We noticed a Pine which only has a little life on the very top, all the other branches have died due to being too over-shadowed by larger conifers so we have decided to take out that Pine now rather than in a year or two when energy levels are even more reduced. I hope to think of something for under planting although a group of Abutilon have self-seeded there which I hope will survive the felling but they wouldn’t survive if we left the job until they were larger.

I still have some compost to move but the slippery ground makes that job a lot harder and whilst I have been told I am younger than my years, yes it’s official and I have it in writing, there are limits to my strength. Some days I feel about 100 which would put me a little older than mum.

I managed lunch out at my favourite place, The Falcon Hotel in Bromyard then a quick nip to a nursery where a few plants forced their way into my car totally against my will! I got three Camellia for the shady areas we have been clearing as well as Euonymus hamiltonianus Koi Boy which has white capsules opening to show red seeds.

I may have to find another blacksmith to rent the smithy soon as Joel may be moving on. It is only early stages but he may have the opportunity of a bigger unit nearer his house. I am quite excited by his plans and wish him well, he is such a skilled craftsman. It doesn’t have to be a blacksmith who rents, it may also suit a person with other crafts would but it does come with quite a lot of smithy tools.

Now we are into December and still with dull wet days I feel I am slipping behind with the work.

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