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This Month February 2020 - Thursday, 30 Jan 2020

I have been thinking that I am getting behind with the work however it may be more a case of some of the plants shooting early which gives the impression I am later. We have even been doing extra jobs. The Fig in the kitchen garden grows so rapidly that I have to prune it about 3 times a year, this is due to the roots escaping their restraining metal container so the energy goes into growing the plant whereas when the roots of figs are confined the energy goes into producing fruit. We have dug a trench around it and chopped roots back to put in deeper metal to try to reduce its growth again. This may or may not be a success, as they say “the proof of the pudding will be in the eating”, literally! If the plant does not survive this experiment then it gives me a new planting opportunity next to the warm smithy wall and I do have another fig which is well restrained in a tub from which I get delicious fruit.
I have cut off a lot of bamboo which had spread further than I wanted it to, I hope to find the time to make a sculpture with most of it. The first conundrum is deciding where in the garden would suit a bamboo sculpture, preferably not in the grass as that would make mowing a harder task. Then it is deciding what the topic of the sculpture should be, this depends on time available to create it and the size and shape of the space where it is to go. I hope my brain will make these decisions quickly as I would like to make it whilst the bamboo is slightly malleable.
January has been another month of dodging showers and wading through mud, it wasn’t that bad but it seems endless. I hope we have some drier weather as we head towards spring.
The only new plants this month are three Hellebore, all yellow but one is a double plain yellow, one single with red markings and the other double with red markings. I am thinking of planting them separately in different areas around the oak circle as there are no other Hellebore there, that decision may change between brain and spade!
I really must get all the trees and shrubs awaiting planting into the ground this month then I will know what spaces there are for new ones. At present it appears a lot of spaces but I know that when it comes to physically planting there will not be as many as I imagine.
I brought more seed home from the Bromyard seed swap than I had intended but as well as the spaces in shrubberies there are also spaces in herbaceous beds, that is my excuse anyway. Planting the seeds is a quick job and potting on quite quick but at the time they need to be planted out I am usually busy with other jobs.
February is Snowdrop time when I realise just how many we have planted over the years, it is a joy to see the carpets of white, I just have to find time to walk around the whole garden and make notes where some can be split and moved to other places.

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