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This Month April 2020 - Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020

The garden is looking great with massed Daffodils and the early spring shrubs such as Rhododendrons, Camellias and many more. Although in many ways I am happy to have the garden to myself it is a shame that others do not get to see it at the moment but it does also means I can get on with work. At present we are planting vegetables, it is not my favourite job but it is one of the sunniest spots to be working when there is a chill wind. Other jobs include bringing the piles of wood that are scattered around the garden from the winter prune up to the woodshed to be chopped now the ground is dry enough to use the tractor. I also need to plant seeds in the greenhouse and still have just a few things to plant out, I am itching to get new plants but it doesn’t quite have the pleasure and excitement ordering on line as it does when making a day trip to our favourite nurseries but there are several gaps and the sooner I buy new plants then the sooner I can have the pleasure of watching them grow.
The present global situation doesn’t make too much difference to our daily lives here in that it is always quiet and peaceful away from the humdrum of the rat race and I can continue to garden. I am hoping that more people will take up gardening as it is a good way to get fresh air and exercise as well as producing your own organic food.
We now have two new paths marked out and have moved most of the bulbs which where planted there but more are still emerging so I am holding off mowing until I am fairly sure there are no more to come up to move. I must do a little strimmimg of other paths but with the garden closed at the moment I haven’t felt compelled to do it before now.
Before the lock-down I attended an event where I was presented with an engraved hand fork for opening Moors Meadow Gardens for the NGS charities for 20 years, I hadn’t realised it was that long, how time flies. I am only sorry that our planned open days for them are cancelled at the moment.
I stood to ease my back yesterday for a while and watched some Buzzards doing their springtime displays. I hope more people are enjoying birdlife and birdsong now there is less noise pollution, and those in cities are able to breath fresher air, maybe people will come to realise the importance of things in life such as a healthy environment, good friends and neighbours and a caring community rather than money and greed. It would be good if they realised the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ and that buying new things when you already have enough is not important or even good.
Happy gardening, stay safe.

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