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This Month May 2020 - Thursday, 30 Apr 2020

 In spite of being on lockdown with the only time I have put my nose outside the gate was to put the recycling bag out however I have still got lots of lovely new plants, some are already in the ground. If I were to say I have been very restrained I may not be telling the exact truth however I have a space for each and every one, at least I thought I did at the time of ordering! They include trees, shrubs and herbaceous, the later being mostly for shady areas. I will not list them all but a small selection include: Aesculus wangii which was a late choice after I had put in my order then saw it on instagram, it is planted where I wanted a statement tree at the end of the Fernery, I think it will make an excellent statement once it grows a little but is impressive even as a mere sapling. Polylepsis australis is a small tree, a member of the Rose family and will mature to have pale brown flaky bark. Platycrater arguta is a hardy woody member of the Hydrangea family, a small deciduous shrub with long willowy leaves and white flowers with a large boss of yellow stamen. Schefflera taiwaniana is a tropical-looking large shrub with dark glossy finger-like foliage. Cautleya gracilis
Purple Emperor is a ginger relative for semi-shade, I am the first customer to buy this from Pan Global Plants. Zingiber mioga Crug Zing is a hardy edible ginger with orchid-like pale yellow flowers at ground height for semi-shade. Both of the last two along with the hardy Begonia pedatifida Apalala and the fern Woodwardia fimbriata have been planted in light shade where we removed a branch of Kalopanax which had been too low and far across a path.
The garden is a riot of colour and even more peaceful than usual with no visitors able to come, I do enjoy keeping it to ourselves but I also enjoy giving others the pleasure of seeing it. When we are again able to open to visitors they will notice quite a few additions especially with the new planting. This is a lovely time to see the garden and of course I must mention the fabulous Embothrium coccineum Norquinco Valley which is a riot of colour.
I would like to find time to start the early summer pruning of checking to see if there are any dead branches which I hadn’t noticed in winter but mostly now it will be odd bits of weeding. I dug up a patch of Iris foetidissima (Stinking Iris), they seed around and before you know it have drowned out other plants and these were in a prominent position near the veranda. After taking them out I realised that I didn’t have any new plants of the right height for such a sunny place however I do have some seedlings  in the greenhouse to be potted on which may be suitable.
I have also started planting an area on the edge of the Damson/Hellbore patch. We took out two old leaning Damsons and have space for about four small trees and six to eight shrubs unfortunately the position is not suitable for many of the new plants so I may just have to order more!
I gather that the first Saturday in May is Naked Gardening Day, no absolutely not, no, no, NO.

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