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This Month September 2020 - Tuesday, 01 Sep 2020

It was been difficult to get motivated through August, there has been too much of the feel of Autumn in the air for my liking but also the swings from hot sun to storms all not helped by me tripping over and wrenching my shoulder and elbow thus making work even more difficult.
I have a few new plants, one is Triosteum Himalayan is a perennial woodlander from China, it has white flowers followed by distinctive red fruits which is what caught my eye. Belamcanda chinensis (Blackberry Lily) is for a sunny spot, it has vibrant orange flowers with red markings.
I am yearning to be planting out so I can then see what spaces are left and so what new plants I would need to get for those spaces. What makes it harder is that the conditions of some of the gaps are not suitable for many plants, as trees grow they suck up more moisture from the earth leaving areas dry and hard however sometimes a sculpture will fill the gap nicely.
Due to the damp weather we haven’t been able to cut the long grass, even when a day is dry it doesn’t mean it is safe to drive on the hillside, I hope we can get on with it now as that will also mean I can move plants as well as it being easier to plant out.
I have been doing bits of pruning and now I have a new toy which I hope will make that job easier, it is a hand held battery pruning saw, I have tried it and it saves quite a bit of time and energy, of course it means there is more I need to carry when I do prune but that is a small price to pay if it proves a successful acquisition.
We have been inundated with plums which was nice for a change but we are lacking space in the freezers and damson time will soon be upon us. We are still using last seasons fruit so I am making a lot of fruit fool.
It has been in my mind to hold an event in the Oak Circle so at the beginning of August when my volunteer suggested organising a Words and Music performance in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice on August Bank Holiday Monday and he would help I happily agreed. Most of the arrangements have gone well, easier for me as he organised the performers and a lot of the publicity. We are very pleased that the fabulous Remi Harris agreed to play. I always worry about getting enough people to book tickets and, of course, the weather is always and issue as if it was wet we would have had to cancel. The day proved bright and dry and the tickets sold out and everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon exploring the garden and seeing the show. We were happy to raise £743 for St. Michael’s Hospice. It would be good to have a few quiet days but the work must go on.

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