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This Month October 2020 - Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

I have been persevering with strimming the long grass that could not be mown and have finally finished. I don’t mind the strimming too much but raking the grass off is painful for my injuries so it was a great relief to get it done. I did have to dodge wasps nests in the grass as it is very easy to strim over them and not notice until it is too late. With the warm weather I had to cut some areas twice as it grew so fast.
One of my next jobs, when the ground is moist, is to plant out, the hardest thing will be trying to remember where I was going to plant everything. Then I must try to remember all the plants that I had thought should be split and moved.
In the meantime I have ordered a new greenhouse which I hope is in place before we get frost as there are several pots to go inside for winter. Note to self: do not forget to put protection around some of the new plants in the garden in case it is a cold winter.
The late colour is good with a bright pinkish-purple Aster outside my window cheering me up on this wet day. I don’t like working in the wet anymore so find I have no excuses on rainy days for not doing housework or sitting at the computer but my heart is never in it so I achieve a lot less than I hope which unfortunately does leave more still to do.
I am waiting to see how the Autumn colour progresses and may judge a time to have an Autumn NGS open day as with lock down I have only had 4 open days this year whereas I usually do five.
We are still preparing vegetable beds for winter but I have not yet got the potatoes out of the ground as the skin has not set. We had a good crop of squash, one had a pinkish skin, I have no idea where the seeds came from, maybe some had cross pollinated from last year, they are a lovely firm flesh similar to cooked chestnuts so I may try a sweet chestnut pie using the squash to see if it is a good substitute.
My list of jobs to catch up, projects to fulfil and fixing some items seems endless which makes it daunting so I have to set my mind on one or two tasks and then results are achieved quicker.
I am not a gadget person but if I find something I think may make the work quicker and easier I will make use of them, with this in mind I bought a battery pruning saw and a battery topiary/hedge cutter, both seem to be a help and I hope they prove good value over time.

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