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This Month March 2021 - Sunday, 28 Feb 2021

February has felt like I have been all twixt sixes and sevens. The cold snap with cruelly bitter winds for over a week put paid to achieving much at all outside, later we lurched from cold nights to warm days. With other issues unrelated to the garden I feel I haven’t achieved much but a few jobs are done with pruning progressing slowly, it is the last few oddments which seem to take the longest. I admit some of it has been cutting back further than intended.
Over the beginning of March I hope to finish the tender pruning, plant out and move some plants including splitting some Snowdrops. I hold my hand up and admit to ordering more plants, a few I wanted were not available but any day now some exciting boxes will arrive with my latest instalment of  rarely seen plants. The new plants are mostly for part shade or shade, the more I plant the more shady areas there are, most of these are for areas that have been pruned hard or completely cleared. The two patches which were large suckering Roses and now just have a few Snowdrops, Daffodils and Bluebells in, are near to each other, only being separated by a Catalpa and a young shrub which I may decide to move so the plants for there can roll into one. I am intending these will be things that are most notable for their leaves such as a few Schefflera and Aralia of differing height and leaf shape mingling with other shrubs and groundcover with interesting leaf shapes. I may also put in a lightly-shading tree.
Further down the lower garden along one edge there is a long narrow stretch where I am thinking of putting mixed ferns and shrubs with fern-like leaves but plans may change by the time it comes to planting out.
There are plenty of other areas where plants are needed and my new order along with others in pots waiting to be planted and ones to move will still not fill these gaps. I also have it in my mind to remove more Roses in two other places, these are Roses that I will still have in other elsewhere in the garden.
I am hoping to start seed planting soon but really would like to finish most of the other jobs first. I must also weed paths and cover with shredded bark from pruning, some may also need new edging where the old has decomposed, this will be either pruned branches or old fence posts.
It is a great time of year to be watching the antics of the wildlife with the birds being very vocal and I am seeing more of the Muntjac and Stoats.
On Saturday 27th March from 6.55pm I am giving a zoom garden talk about Moors Meadow in aid of St. Michaels Hospice near Hereford, information and link can be found on the hospice web site. The talk will include a little history of the garden, a quick walk around it and about some of the more rarely seen plants including lots of lovely pictures. You can search for the hospice web site and click on ‘get involved’ then ’events’ and scroll down or find via the following:

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