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This Month April 2021 - Wednesday, 31 Mar 2021

This is a lovely time of year and I must ensure I find time to frequently walk the garden and enjoy the result of our labours. So much work was achieved over winter with areas rejuvenated and new areas planted along with new seats to sit and enjoy a while. I keep having new ideas and obtaining new plants is not keeping up with my thoughts. My latest idea which may save a little bit of awkward mowing is to plant a semi-circle of shrubs around the Mulberry, I would not want them to be too tall, maybe up to 4ft (1.2m), or they would make the area the other side too shady. I also think they should be deciduous or the spring bulbs there would be hidden. At the moment I am leaning towards Hydrangea which could either be all the same or every plant a different colour. I shall mull it over a while longer before I make a final decision and get new plants.
The newest seat was the most difficult to place as it is on a slope, with one of the loveliest views but requiring a level area for it to be stable. We had to work it out as we went as we found the initial idea would not work without more work to stabilise the soil. Trial and error resulted in edging the area in engineering bricks placed on end, the seat standing on slabs but access to walk to the front is shreddings which is the same material as used by the nearby fernery path. To bind the banked up soil at the front I moved turfs from another area which had Primroses in.
I have finished the busy winter jobs and am now concentrating mainly on planting the kitchen garden though there are plenty of other little odd jobs too, in fact every day I think of more jobs but I hope I get through them quickly enough so I have time to do other things such as sitting on the veranda reading.
There are still a few other places in need of plants so I hope I have chance to get more new plants but it is getting harder to find new ones that are suitable to fill certain gaps.
The Daffodils are a brilliant show this year, along with other spring flowers and bulbs and the early shrubs such as Camellias and Rhododendrons as well as the more rarely seen Edgeworthia and Sophora.
The wildlife is very active and everyday results in an interesting close encounter, just hearing the song and buzz all around is amazing. I find it difficult thinking of the right way to describe just how colourful, unique and  enchanting the garden is looking, it doesn’t sound right saying it myself but it is only a tiny bit of how visitors describe it.
At the end of March I did a zoom garden talk in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice and an NGS open day which was a good sunny day. There will be more NGS days in the coming months, these at present can be booked on the NGS website but depending on the lockdown situations you may be able to book direct with us. We remain open other days throughout the year by appointment so do contact us to visit on your preferred day but please do not visit without confirmation.

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