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This Month June 2021 - Monday, 31 May 2021

Busy day, I started gardening just after 7am and stopped just before 7pm, what I haven’t said was that I was out for 5 hours in the middle visiting another garden. I also stopped at all the nurseries I passed on the way but what is surprising was that I only got a few plants. I did get 4 new Iris and Rhododendron Scyphocalix which is a gorgeous colour, they were all on sale. I also saw Viburnum Shiny Dancer, I left an arm and a leg behind for that one but it does have amazing thick shiny leaves. The label says 24ins (60cm) height and spread but I looked it up and saw it as 5ft (1.5m) height and spread, I will find a spot where it doesn’t matter if it reaches either of those heights.
On some days I am working through from 7am to 7pm without many breaks, I can’t keep that up for too many days in a row especially if it’s a lot of weeding but with so much to do at the moment I keep working. The odd free moments for lunch and tea breaks will find me on the veranda reading a few pages of one of my new garden books. Talking about books the one mum wrote, mostly about her early life, will be printed soon, please let me know if you are interested in having one. The more we print the less they will cost but I don’t want to print more than I can sell, not for profit.
The colours around the garden are brilliant with the Embothrium dripping with fiery red flowers. With colour everywhere it is difficult to know where to look and gems can easily be missed. I am, as usual, getting asked about the Ribes speciosum, as well as comments on the massed Primula candleabra but by far the most asked questions are “how long have you been here?” and “do you have help to tend the garden?”
Some shrubs have been very late coming into leaf and I have been anxiously watching them to see how they are faring in our unpredictable weather patterns. One of the jobs I would not usually do is strimming the paths but when it was wet it was too slippery for the tractor and mower so I did strim them a few days before my May NGS day, not a job I would want to do too often. I must remember to make a note of pruning jobs and other little changes that will need to be done in autumn. Now I am heading into the big weed, as the Forget-me-nots go over and need pulling out, I give a good weed through all the beds as I am doing that, my back aches at the very thought of it.
I have rummaged through a shed and found materials to make into sculptures, 2 are already in place but I still have to work out how to put another together. It took a lot of thought where to put one but another is at the end of the short new path in the lower garden to get close to the newly planted area all about leaves. When I made the path I could see that it would improve, to my eye, if there was a sculpture at the end of the path but it needed to be something simple that would not detract the eye from the lovely plants. The new plants are all quite small at present as I always put in young plants and do not do the mature instant gardening, one reason is the cost but another is that I feel plants adapt to the situation and soil better if they are planted when young.
In recent years I have not heard the cuckoo very often, the only times so far this year was just a few calls in the distance on the 26th and 27th May.

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