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This Month July 2021 - Wednesday, 30 Jun 2021

I have been very busy working, sometimes as much as 12 hours a day, it has mostly been weeding as due to the weather a lot suddenly needed doing at once. It is important to pull out the Cleavers before it seeds or it will be a lot worse next year. At least it is mostly around the base of shrubs, and sometimes over the top of them, this is due to when we mow the long grass once a year we rake it to around the shrubs so any cleavers not pulled grows in that raked grass.
It has been quite tiring having damp dull days, partly due to that the sun would give a lift to the spirits but also that on hot sunny days I would take time out to sit on the veranda with a book at the hottest time of day, instead I have continued to work through the whole day. I need to review the garden again as the workload is getting harder with increased painful joints. I am thinking of planting trees and shrubs in one area of grass near the bottom  of the lower garden. This would in time shade out the grass over the years thus saving time and energy as long as I planted close enough to ensure the grass reduces but not so close that I would need to do a lot more pruning. No, it’s not just an excuse to get more plants, as if! If I do this then I would like to have some theme rather than just random plants however I expect it may depend upon what plants I find that I haven’t already got. I could just choose one genus, I will mull all the possibilities over for a while. I need less time working and more time looking and thinking before making decisions.
I have been creating more sculptures to add a bit more different interest to some areas, it also means that where it is too dry for much planting, usually in the deep shade, the rabbits scratch and so exacerbate the problem. As usual the sculptures are made from recycled materials, the latest being of brick and slate.
 Cornus Norman Hadden is getting a lot of  comments from visitors, it is a very attractive small tree, other Cornus look great too, such as the pink C. Miss Satomi.
A few weeks ago we put fence around two of the herbaceous beds as the rabbits were causing too much damage, we used chicken wire held in place with bamboo canes as I grow so many. It is softened by the leaves growing through the wire and already the bed looks more full without plant damage.
We have decided to put on a concert in the oak circle on 5th September, ‘Words and Music’, in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice. Tickets need to be booked in advance to ensure a place, only £10 allows garden entrance from 2pm with the concert starting at 4pm. It is not suitable for the infirm as the oak circle is near the bottom of the garden and parking will be in a field near the top of the hill and visitors will need to bring their own seats and refreshments. If it is wet the event will be cancelled and ticket price refunded.

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