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This Month August 2021 - Saturday, 31 Jul 2021

I enjoyed the hot weather and my change of working regime whereby I would start work just after 6am and work until lunchtime when I would head for the hammock on the veranda with a book. Often I would do more work after teatime which meant a much more relaxing day and still having as much time gardening. Early in the morning I would garden in open areas heading into the shade as the heat became intense. I am reading some of my books about plant hunting, one only published two years ago mentions some of the recently introduced rare plants we have in the garden.
On the days it is not that hot I am putting in very long days, yesterday I started work at 7am and finished at 8pm with short lunch and tea breaks, I was tired at the end of the day.
I enjoyed working through the shrubberies which do not need too much attention, just pulling out anything which I do not want to seed as they spread rapidly, and cutting out dead branches, an area gets completed fairly quickly and besides this work it will ten only need a winter prune.
I have cut paths in the new area to be planted but have not yet got the plants as it is now too dry to plant them out which would mean I would have more pots to water and I already have a good haul waiting to be planted.
Then the rain came, much needed for the garden but I am not a very happy bunny being indoors. When the showers would ease I would nip out and pick broad beans or peas, which all ripened rapidly, then pod and blanch them for the freezer. The peas were not very prolific but the beans were a great crop. When the wet days moistened the earth I planted out the perennials in all areas of the garden from sunny areas to shade. There is still more needed to be planted, the difficult job is deciding where they should go.
The plants are having to cope with the days of baking hot dry weather then the deluge of heavy rain, they are certainly growing well which makes more work. The Hemerocalis are making a lovely bright splash and the flowers beds we fenced against rabbits have improved in a short time. The Catalpa are in full flower as are shrubs such as Calycanthus, even the small new ones have a few flowers.
Unfortunately the new ideas are coming faster than I have time to carry them out. Sometimes it is just a little tweaking here and there, other times it is creating new features, sculptures or planting new areas. I also have to ensure I have time to keep all areas in good order and the new projects are created with ease of maintenance in mind.
We have the performers all booked for the concert in the oak circle on September the 5th, all that now needs doing is to sell tickets and keep the fingers crossed for a dry day. The garden will be open from 2pm with the concert starting at 4pm, but the garden, on that day, will only be open for visitors who have booked the concert. It is only £10 which will be donated to St. Michael’s Hospice along with the raffle money.

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