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This Month October 2021 - Thursday, 30 Sep 2021

It has been quite a worrying time with the lengthy dry spell, many plants have suffered, I hope they pick up but some will not. It was such a relief when it did rain.
I spent a few days tidying the vegetable garden as I had been so busy with other jobs over the summer it was rather a mess, most of the beds have now been given a layer of compost and are covered with a membrane for the winter to reduce weed growth. I have an overabundance of pumpkins but not many squash, I would prefer it was the other way around as the squash stores longer and, for me, has more uses.
I have been chopping back some of the herbaceous plants although some I leave over winter before cutting back. I have also been gathering recycled materials for new projects I hope we have time to complete before spring, one of these will be on the edge of the oak circle but I hope to investigate the area a little first as I have an inkling that there was once a building, possibly a house there.
There is still an ever increasing amount of plants waiting to be planted which I hope to get in during the autumn so they have a chance to settle into moist soil now in case next year proves similar to this with its long dry patches of weather.
I did have a great break in Dorset staying in a garden shed, spending the mornings walking and the afternoon visiting gardens with the last day going to a plant fair, it may come as a surprise that I came back with a boot full of plants! I have bought a few new ferns mostly for dry shade but for lighter shade I got Blechnum brasilense Volcano which is an amazing fern with an upright habit and red colouring on the new fronds. Grasses seem to be ‘in’ at the moment and although I am not into fashion in any way shape or form I could not resist some more plants for the grass garden. Miscanthus nepalensis looks fabulous with its golden plumes but may be a little tricky as it does not like winter wet so I think I shall try one in the dry area of the grass garden and another in the dry sunnier front garden.
I also had a visit from a gardening friend who brought me some lovely plants, recently I almost bought an Acer with large leaves but I am glad I didn’t as he gave me one of those along with a lovely snakebark, a Celtis australis and other plants.
I was working on the right bank of the lower garden where the damson patch is and came up with another idea about that area which we have since done. It was to remove two more damson trees as there was more than I need and the result is still a patch in an aesthetically pleasing shape and as the damson trees are getting old and increasingly have branches falling they would need replacing soon anyway. Now there will be less to replace and I have more space for my new plants and the continuation of the flow of the ‘lovely leaves’ patch in that area which now almost, but not quite, runs into the area at the end of the fernery.
This month I hope to have the print run of the book mum wrote in my hands, it is mostly about her early life but also when they moved to Moors Meadow, if anyone is interested please contact me and I will let you know the price which as I write this hasn’t been decided.

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