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This Month December 2021 - Sunday, 02 Jan 2022

Jack has come to stay for a while, when the temperature drops to just above freezing I start to struggle, I really do not cope with cold weather very well especially the arthritic fingers. When it isn’t actually freezing it is a busy time for the secateurs and pruning saw as well as my brain having to make a lot of decisions about which trees and shrubs to cut back, I am working my way through the shrubberies but rather than carry all the tools with me I am first working with the small hand tools before following on with the long arm pruner on other days. As the deep shrubberies are quite dry and dark it is about thinning the canopy to allow more light and water in whilst not cutting so much that the freezing wind whips through to the house and tender plants.
We have taken out a small pine that had died and in the same area I have been rejuvenating shrubs and lifting the canopy of other trees. I am now hoping that I can plant a few more ground cover plants and low shrubs to add a bit more interest and colour. I must tidy the piles of debris without leaving too many to do in one go. There is plenty lying in a few areas of the garden now but I have decided that I will clear them on frosty days when I feel it is too cold to prune. If the brash is near the bottom of the garden it is piled for dead hedges which makes good homes and food for wildlife. The pruned material near the top of the garden is taken to a larger pile to be shredded to go on paths. Some plants has such tangled contorted branches that it would be very difficult to shred and this too goes to dead hedges as does thorny material.
I am pleased to now have the book my mum wrote out in print so if you are interested in having a copy please contact me, the comments I have received about it so far are favourable, it is only £8 plus postage with all profits going to charity.
I have been working on some old metal panels that I got from a reclamation site, these will become a variety of features around the garden. Three pieces have replaced an arch that had been getting rather unstable. I have ideas for some of the others but will not say until I know if they will work. It is an interesting project, I take great pleasure in utilising recycled materials, I have been cleaning the loose rust off with green scouring pads then paint on boiled linseed oil for protection.

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