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This Month January 2022 - Tuesday, 04 Jan 2022

Oh dear, I must be suffering from CRAFT (Can’t Remember A Flipping Thing) more than ever as I forgot to finish and upload my December blog so it was already the new year when I posted the half finished one. I don’t have the excuse that I am working all hours in the garden as the days have been short but with one thing and another I have been busy. Don’t tell anyone or my reputation will be lost but I have even been doing some housework and even painting some rooms.
In the garden I have continued with the pruning however I have enforced light duties at the moment due to injuries, at least there is not so much to do this year. I am only using my secateurs and battery pruning saw so higher pruning will have to wait unless I can get help to do it. I have also started the early year cutting back of herbaceous plants and prefer not to do that on cold days as my hands soon get wet.
I am itching to do some more planting and have more new ideas for planting schemes but I know I have to be strict with the amount of work I attempt at the moment. I have been trying to make a mental note where there is space so I can source the most suitable plants to fill the gaps. I ought to take a walk around with pen and paper to make notes.  
I still have several projects I would like to do but these may be held back a bit, luckily some of the new projects are finished. I am still preparing some recycled ornate metal for another new project but have to ask someone with more muscle power can turn it over or move it as I can’t lift it. I am very pleased with the finished arch, it is very satisfying producing attractive features from pieces of metal found rusting in the grass at a reclamation site.
The Hamamelis are looking great and the buds on Daphne Jaqueline Postil are on the cusp of bursting open to fill the air with a strong sweet aroma. Several Viburnum are in flower and the buds are swelling on the Magnolias, Camellias and Rhododendrons and the early Daffs are growing fast. The birds sing on some days as if it’s spring but there is still plenty of time for frost and snow.

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