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This Month February 2022 - Tuesday, 01 Feb 2022

It is heart warming to see the spring flowers emerging although the Snowdrops seem to be having a slow start. One of the most delicious plants now is Daphne bholua Jaqueline Postill for its strong distinctive sweet scent. The early Daffodils have opened although the early Rhododendrons are not showing yet.
I have been finishing the last bits of late winter tidying and another new feature is now almost finished with the fruit cage being one of the last areas although as I go round the garden I still find the odd patches here and there that I have missed. I do still have the late winter prune for Hydrangea, Buddleia and other shrubs that could be adversely affected by frosts.
I am looking forward to being able to get the tractor down the garden to clear the piles of wood that has been pruned and also bring up the materials that were not needed for the new feature in the lower garden that we had taken down with the tractor in autumn, as we were not sure how much was needed. As usual we made it up as we went along but didn’t want to have to wheelbarrow the materials down, or back up, as that would have been very hard work. I now have to decide what plants to put around this new feature to finish the desired effect, I think it will be mostly ferns, I have some unusual ones waiting to be planted but hadn’t decided where they would go, I hope they will be happy in that position as some of them may be slightly tender.
I will now turn my mind to planting out and thinking about the vegetable garden. I feel I must have forgotten to do some jobs but can’t think what, I ought to check the ivy in the outer hedges of the garden as it will take over if given a chance. I think the jobs have gone quite well and quickly due to not having a hard winter as usually the snow and harsh frosts holds us back but this year has been so mild, I just hope that we will not regret how dry it has been.
There have been some lovely responses and reviews about “Stuff and Nonsense” my mum’s book and it is selling well, it does have a limited print run so if you are interested please contact me.

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