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This Month March 2022 - Tuesday, 01 Mar 2022

Oh those stormy days are so tiring, it is too dangerous to work outside and the wind saps the energy and brain power, what little there is anyway. There were twiglets scattered around the garden to clear away and a few larger branches. The trunk of a long dead tree came down, the problem was that it was supporting a lovely Rose so I have to work out a different structure for that Rose that would need to be quite tall as it is behind other plants. A Sea Buckthorn has pulled partly out of the ground and was leaning on other Buckthorn and over the big herbaceous bed in the lower garden, the intention was to save it by trying to shrink the top and hope it will shoot.
I have been continuing to tidy paths, a neat path makes a big difference to the look as it sets off the beds and plants and gives the impression that they have been tended well too, they have really but I can’t be everywhere at once so it takes a lot of time getting round them all. The one problem with all the rain is that it will take a lot of drying to be able to mow the paths in the lower garden and I do like to keep those cut to make it obvious to visitors where to walk so they don’t step off them. There are so many little plants starting to peep through that are easily damaged and people look at something in the distance and do not see or even think about what they may be destroying by treading on them.
I am continuing to do the late winter pruning and the early spring weeding, bend to weed in the morning, prune after lunch. I am moving a couple of the Hydrangea from the big patch in the front garden, I may move one of them to a gap I have lower down that area. It is a big clump of several Mop-head Hydrangeas next to where I had taken out a spreading conifer that was getting increasingly more dead branches so now that space will be for a selection of slightly tender plants that I have waiting in the greenhouse.
Visitors have been admiring the large variety of Hellebores and the early shrubs, the first Rhododendron to show colour this year is a lovely deep red one which is unusual as it is a pale pink one that blooms first most years. The snowdrops have been fantastic and I must find time to split some more clumps, usually I move 2 buckets full but this year I am doing even more. There is a patch of purple Crocus with just one yellow one in the middle, my theory is that although there used to be more yellow ones the birds have a tendency to pull the heads off the yellow ones so they are unable to seed.
There are a few bits of high pruning I must do but it is only little bits here and there and so nothing to really get stuck into in one area.

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