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This Month April 2022 - Wednesday, 30 Mar 2022

“Come on get on with some work and stop dreamily gazing around the garden”, yes I will but the garden is looking so wonderful in its spring splendour. The sea of yellow with splashes of other colours from the Rhododendrons, Camellias and Magnolias along with numerous other shrubs keeps drawing me to wander the paths with secateurs pretending I am doing something. I haven’t been totally idle and most of the vegetables are planted whether in the greenhouse in pots or straight into the ground. I have also been doing some early weeding in the hope that there will be less to do later. Raking the leaves off the shrubbery paths gave me a chance to also have a look around, it makes the paths look tidier and distinguishes them from the shrub beds.
I am very pleased with the ruin and the planting I have done around it. There has been other planting to get on with although it took a while to decide where some new specimen were to go.
I am slowly bringing plants out of the greenhouse that were over wintering there, the ones I think are tougher are now in frames below the greenhouse to harden off.
Another new idea for a feature using recycled metal has been completed, this was only finished yesterday as I write so I need to look at it a few times before I give it the final thumbs up but I do think that it will work. It is amongst the large patch of newly planted Rhododendrons and so will look even more suited as they grow up. I do have a little more planting to do in that area so must keep that in mind when I get the chance to go to a nursery.
Yet another idea has popped into my mind which does need a little more thought before I commit to achieving it, I hope I can use recycled materials for it if it does come to fruition, before I grow those thoughts there is plenty of other work I must get on with without delay.
One problem I have is that I  need more help, especially doing odd jobs but finding anyone is not easy especially as a lot of people I know are retiring and I am not sure there are so many younger people who are good at doing a lot of different jobs and also have that understanding how much care must be taken when working near plants trying not to damage them.
I feel it is time I got some new plants to fill the few gaps but I often feel that it is a shame to go out and miss even a few minutes in the garden here, the peace and quiet with just the only sounds coming from the wildlife is wonderful. I do like seeing visitors and having a little chat but mostly we are happy in our own company pottering around the garden.
We are organising a garden day in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice, this is on 4th September so put it in your diary now. There will be teas on the terrace and a concert in the oak circle, we have some good musicians signed up to play and there will be plenty of cakes.

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