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This Month June 2022 - Saturday, 28 May 2022

The recent rain has been great for the garden, the plants look refreshed and happy. I even felt if was moist enough to do a little planting out as the number of pots was getting larger again. A trip walking in north Wales meant a chance to visit one of my favourite nurseries and get some rarely seen shade loving species.
Three different Aspidestra with irresistible names, Aspidestra daibuensis Yuli Yummy and A. daibuensis Totally Dotty should both come well in dry shade whereas A. zonbayi Uan Fat Lady is untested for hardiness so I may keep that one in the greenhouse for its first winter then see if it is large enough to split and risk one of them planted in the garden. I got two Salvia which should be happy in some shade although I am used to seeing them in herbaceous borders in many gardens until recently I have not tried growing them here.
I could not resist a Schefflera enneaphylla to add to my ever increasing collection, it is from seed collected in North Vietnam where it was growing in a sunny glade within dense forest.
I planted some Veratrum seed that I had saved and decided it was time to pot them on but in view of the fact that they had germinated so well I put several in each pot otherwise I would have had several hundred pots. I do not know where I am going to plant them all.
I enjoyed watching the building of a wrens nest in among the curling stems of the Wisteria under the roof of the veranda. Unfortunately that is my favourite place to sit when I get the chance however it is not the first time one has nested on the veranda so maybe my closeness gives them added protection so I hope that protection is greater than my disturbance.
At the moment I am working through all the areas where the Forget-me-nots have seeded, pulling them up now they are over plus any weeds that they have been hiding, I don’t like to leave it too late or the tall perennials will be too high for me to get between them without damaging them. I have also spotted a small area that missed the winter prune and as there are a few small dead branches they need removing.
I have started putting jobs on the Autumn list, now the trees and shrubs are in full leaf, especially with the added weight after rain I can see how low some branches are, for example one branch of the Davidia (Handkerchief Tree) is sitting on top of an Acer so that branch will need removing later in the year.
I have recently been planting Iris for dry sunny positions and I am pleased with how well they are growing, I think a comment from one visitor was “plums and custard” after seeing a yellow and purple Iris, I am very fond of them and they are no trouble.
Don’t forget on September 4th there will be a concert and refreshments in the garden in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice, the garden will be open between 12.00 and 6pm with the concert at 4pm. Do remember that no dogs are allowed.

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