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This Month July 2022 - Friday, 01 Jul 2022

I always used to think that spring is the best time to see the garden but I can go into the garden every day off the year and see something that makes me go WOW. For example in the lower garden where the grass is only cut once a year to some it can look unkempt in summer but there are now so many flowers, especially Geraniums romping through it, it is a mass of blues and pinks with a little dotted white. In the herbaceous beds in the upper garden these Geraniums have spread rather more than I would like so I must remove them otherwise in a very short time no other plants will be visible.
I am happy with how the new Rhododendron patch has taken, I did strim the long grass amongst them to give them a little breathing space and let the rain in but left some long grass in the area especially where it grows attractively through the ‘bridges’ sides along the bottom. One thing I want to do is to put more plants along the strip at the bottom to give a better impression of an overgrown streambed.
I also decided to strim the grass in the spring garden earlier than usual as it was very long and thick. I have tried introducing Yellow Rattle to this area and did come across a few plants so left a little patch around them and, fingers crossed, they will spread. I also left  the wilting Camassia plants so the seed heads have a chance to ripen. I notice how much the Black Oak has grown over the last year, almost doubling in size, it was very slow for its first few years. I am trying not to overcrowd the area but when I was given this tree I couldn’t think where else to plant it.
I am watching a pair of Flycatchers out the window which shows there must be insects however there do seem less insects with each passing year which, of course, will be disastrous for us all. There is so much we can do as individuals that when added up will may a big difference. How many people think that when we are using a lot of house cleaners and body products we are affecting the environment on a grand scale, both the production and use is dire for the wildlife. There really is no need to use so many of these products to keep our selves and our houses clean. Through the same window there is a beautiful rose coming out, it has small deep-pink flowers and rambles over a Kolkwitzia after that shrub has finished flowering. It is at the top of the herb garden where there now is an abundance of red-stemmed Angelica and Teasel as well as a lovely small-flowered delicate yellow Foxglove that I am happy to see seed around. I must spend a little time chopping back and tidying or some species will take over the whole garden, it will still look chaos after I have done it but a more ordered chaos.

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