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This Month August 2022 - Sunday, 31 Jul 2022

I am now firmly on light duties, the first week was very idle with my only garden related jobs being to pod the broad beans which were a very good crop whereas the peas, which were devastated by mice, only took a few minutes. I did wander slowly around the garden looking at all the jobs that I would like to do but know that I must not yet a while. It does feel more like the end of August with the grass being yellow and I am itching to cut it, even if I was up to the job it would still be too early, once I got past the initial glance I could see that the yellow rattle along with many others flowers will have a few more weeks before the seeds are ripe.
I had intended to save more seed from various plants but with one thing and another I haven’t got around to it. I could, of course still save some but my energy levels are not too high at the moment to do even the simplest jobs. I hope I find the oomph to start doing little bits as long as I don’t overdo it with too much bending or stretching yet and no heavy lifting for several weeks. This means no strimmimng and not even mowing as the tractor has quite heavy steering but luckily someone will do the mowing for me and as long as the paths are tidy then the rest looks fine.
I am so pleased that before my enforced rest I pushed myself to work very long days of up to 12 hours, in this time I went over most areas chopping back perennials that if left to seed would cause chaos in the future. Worst of these areas was the large herbaceous ‘bung it in’ bed in the middle of the lower garden where I had bunged in some plants that were just too vigorous even for me. Here I cut off all the varieties of Eupatorium, I know they are great for insects but there is a limit of growth and spread to tolerate, if they were allowed to spread indefinitely they would drown many plants and thus reduce the season of food for those insects. Eupatorium maculatum forms large clumps with woody stems very quickly so if you don’t want them somewhere it is best to get the plant out when it is very young, I do leave some in other areas but try to cut them off just before they seed. Another Eupatorium, whose name escapes me, spreads by rhizomes and may pop up in single stems and are possibly more troublesome, it would be an attractive plant were it more well behaved but I think I will be fighting it for a few years, I will continually try to weaken it by pulling, or cutting if too tough to pull, and not let it get to flowering stage.
It was such a relief to get some rain although it will take a lot more to replenish the underground aquifers from which far too much is being extracted, but as they are out of sight this can continue to be done without the general public seeing what problems there will be in the future.
I hope I see you here at Moors Meadow Gardens on 4th September for our special open day, concert and teas in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice. The garden will be open from 12 to 6pm with the concert at 4pm so there is plenty of time for visitors to enjoy the garden, partake of delicious home-made cakes on the terrace and enjoy the concert in the oak circle. We have a great line-up of performers with a variety of music genre as well as comedy sketches. There will, of course, be a raffle, and a chance to chat to the head gardener

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