Recent History of The Garden

In the few short years since Moors Meadow has been open to the public the garden has been growing and evolving in leaps and bounds.


There are new plants in every area including some rarely seen specimen trees and shrubs in the Lower Garden. Between the Dingle and Oak Circle is a large herbaceous bed and the bottom dingle around the Giant Redwoods has been tidied to enable an under storey of shrubs, a short Azalea walk and numerous ground cover plants.

The area of fruit trees has been under planted with bulbs and shade loving herbaceous perennials including many spectacular Hellebores.

There are several different seats and sculptures all made at Moors Meadow and in the Lower Garden a small "Hobbit House" with a veranda overlooking the lake.

The chicken patch is being developed with fruit trellis's and shrubbery, the area remains private but visitors can view it through a window from the Grass Garden.

The garden has a great feeling of tranquillity and several visitors come to find peace and relaxation which is a rare thing in our busy noisy world. Nearly all first time visitors are surprised to discover such an amazing garden with a huge 'WOW' factor and many return repeatedly, it will truly delight all, from the garden novice to the avid plantaholic.

Moors Meadow Garden is non-profit making and relies on you, the visitors, to enable us to keep this garden to a standard for all to enjoy and to open regularly for charity days.


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