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This Month December 2022 - Sunday, 01 Jan 2023

I thought that I had posted a blog for December but discovered that I hadn't even finished writing it so here is the part I had wrote, a bit late.

I have been working my little socks off, they are goat socks and great at keeping my tootsies warm in my winter boots. Prune, prune, prune, I stand and look at a shrub and decide it needs a little snip but somehow when I step back for another look it seems to have shrunk dramatically, more skinhead than short-back-and-sides! It is good to give them a hack back when they start to get a bit top heavy or leggy, the downside is that it leaves a lot of brash to clear away which is not my favourite job, especially when it is something as vicious as Berberis. More gaps are opening up as I do this so even though I have several plants waiting in pots I have decided it is absolutely vital that I head for a nursery to get several more. Some of the gaps are quite large so I feel a Rhododendron moment coming on, my plan is, after I have spent another long morning with saw and loppers, to have a little afternoon trip out with an empty car.
I have recently bought three new Camellia, two of these are Camellia sasanqua which flower late in the year, both have single flowers, one is a deep pink and the other is white with pink markings, they will need a little wind shelter. I think they will go in an area that we lifted the lower branches of some Beech trees although I may edge my bets and put them in different areas in the hope that if I lose one then I would not lose the other.
I really do not like the damp foggy weather we are having at the moment, it makes work hard to get motivated and to stay warm but I am still determined to get out gardening or time will pass and it may soon become colder and I have already had one day of near collapse through getting too cold.
Move forward one day and after my break out for a couple of hours I came home with nine Rhododendrons, some grasses, Hebe and Cyclamen, the nursery had some good special offers that I couldn‘t resist. I look forward to making the time to plant them out in a day or two.
A large flock of Fieldfares came in but they have not stripped all the berries which is unusual as normally they will appear and in a short space of time it is difficult to spot any berries left on any plant.
I am still trying to make time to do a few extra jobs such as creating new features but I am so involved in getting the pruning finished that I haven’t found much time for anything else. It has not helped that I have been volunteering to help create new areas of planting in Bromyard but we are progressing, these areas are large and we would still welcome contributions of time to join us in this venture as well as donating plants. At present it is mostly herbaceous perennials and shrubs anything up to six feet that we require.

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